Oct 05, 2017

The Holdridge Garden Shed – Gardening to The Sound of Music!

We love to share the stories of our wonderful customers and their Weaver Barns’ structures! Today’s story comes to us from the Holdridge’s, who share the story of their backyard Highland Garden Shed.

Highland Garden Shed by Weaver Barns of Sugarcreek, Ohio. Ohio Amish Country Cabin Builders.

The Holdridge’s Highland Garden Shed

When the Holdridge’s went looking for a hard-working garden shed back in 2013, they happened across a Weaver Barns display lot, and in the words of Jean Holdridge, “We fell in love!”

The model they fell in love with was none other than the Weaver Barns’ Highland Shed. The Highland’s rustic pine timber framing, porch, and higher roof pitch make it a great fit for almost any location and need, from pool house, to backyard get-away retreat, or in the Holdridge’s case, the ultimate garden shed.

“Working with the Weaver Barn folks was a simple process”, says Jean Holdridge.  “We prepared a 4-inch gravel base for the building to set on. To keep it safe from high winds, we installed 4 concrete “dead men” (no, Jimmy Hoffa is not buried under our Barn!!  on each corner.

My handy hubby installed 80-amp electrical service and completely wired the building inside and out.  We now enjoy gardening to the sound of music!”

Highland Garden Shed or Cabin by Weaver Barns of Sugarcreek, Ohio. Amish Country of Cabin builders.

Love that porch!

Fast forward to today, and the Holdridge’s Highland shed continues to serve them well. “This year, we had it all re-painted and top coated. It was still in really great shape, and only required a little TLC maintenance. And now, it looks brand new again!”

Thank you so much Jean to you and your husband for sharing your Weaver Barns story with us – and what a gorgeous setting for your garden shed!

If you would like to share your Weaver Barns story, email us at [email protected] and you could be one of our next features.

For more information on the Weaver Barns’ Highland shed model, or any of our sheds, barns, garages or custom home structure, visit us as weaverbarns.com.

Jul 15, 2017

The Weaver Barns Craftsman Shed – Elegance and Beauty In A Backyard Shed!

The Weaver Barns’ Craftsman shed is the ultimate multi-purpose backyard shed!

With it’s unique dormer, transom windows, multiple door openings and window placements – the Craftsman model is elegant and beautiful in any setting.

craftsman shed

The Craftsman Shed

The transom windows let in loads of natural light – making it the perfect choice for a garden or potting shed.

Let your imagination run wild with the possibilities – create a beautiful artist studio tucked away in a little corner of your property to quietly paint, draw, or create beautiful crafts. Better yet, turn it into a pool house that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

With standard models ranging in size from 8′ x 10′ to 16′ x 12′ –  you can have the space for whatever you can imagine.

And all of our shed models are more than just beautiful to look at – they can stand up to the toughest of outdoor conditions!

craftsman shed

The transom windows let in fantastic natural light

We go beyond the industry standard of plywood flooring with a heavy grade 2″ x 8″ tongue and v-groove flooring system that is unmatched for long term durability and strength. In addition, all of our barns come with a special two-step ventilation system that takes away the nasty heat with a continuous ridge vent, drawing in cool air to replace the stuffiness found in most small barns and sheds.

Call us today at 330.852.2013 to find out more about the Weaver Craftsman Shed – and all our Weaver Barns structures. Weaver Barns, because everyone needs a little structure in their life!


Craftsman Features

  • Double Door on our Craftsman shed
  • 36″ Single Door on our Craftsman shed
  • 7′ Sidewalls on our Craftsman shed
  • 7/12 Roof Pitch on our Craftsman shed
  • Craftsman Style Dormer with Transom Windows
  • 2 x 8 Tongue & Groove Treated Flooring
  • Continuous Ridge Vent & Soffit Ventilation System
  • All Doors are Double Framed and Assembled with Screws

Craftsman Shed Heights

  • 8′ W – 9′ 11″
  • 10′ W – 10′ 6″
  • 12′ W – 11′ 1″
  • 14′ W – 11′ 8″
  • 16′ W – 12′ 3″
craftsman shed

The Craftsman shed is the perfect backyard structure – from pool house to garden house to more!

Jul 06, 2017

Living The Dream In A Weaver Barns’ Farmhouse! Life At Old World Garden Farms

It’s hard to believe that a little over 15 months ago, Jim and Mary Competti didn’t have a single Weaver Barns’ structure on their property. But fast forward to today, and they have a Weaver-built house, garage, pavilion and garden shed to boot!

The Weaver Barns Cedarbrook home and Timber Ridge Pavilion at Old World Garden Farms

“We joke all the time that we might as well just hang a Weaver Barns sign at our entrance!,” says Mary, “But we simply love the look and quality of everything they have built here.”

And “here” for Mary and Jim is a little 3 acre farm in Nashport, Ohio they named Old World Garden Farms. For them, the “farm” has been a way to slow down, downsize, and enjoy life.

Back In 2010, seeking a way to become more responsible for the food on their table and to simplify the typical life of 2 full time professionals balancing careers and a family of four – they decided to create a space and place to grow their own food.

The front entrance to the Competti’s Cedarbrook home

Starting from scratch, they worked together to convert the overgrown 3 acre field into a self-sustaining farm that could feed their family and their soul. They wanted to grow their own food without the use of chemicals or pesticides. Most important, they vowed to always have fun in the process.

They now grow nearly 75% of their own food, raise a small flock of chickens, maintain two bee hives, a small orchard and a fledgling vineyard, In the process they have used reclaimed and recycled materials to build everything from their barn, chicken coop, compost bins and more.

In early 2012, they created a website (oldworldgardenfarms.com) to document the entire process. Much to their shock, the website quickly took off. It has now grown to over 30,000,000 visitors and 160,000 followers from over 226 countries around the globe.

“I don’t think that either of us ever imagined it would grow and become what it has,” says Jim, “but I think it just goes to show you how many people really want to go back to living a more simple and fulfilling life.”

Their ultimate goal was to move from their surburban house and build a house and life at the farm. And it late 2015, they started to put those wheels in motion.

“We had been looking at all kinds of houses and options but just couldn’t find what we wanted. We knew we wanted to downsize and create something unique, and something that fit the farm and our life. And then fate stepped in,” says Mary.


A view from the inside, finished in shiplap and metal ceilings

“It was late October of 2015, and we were heading home from the farm one night, and Jim stopped at a store just up the road for gas. When he went in to pay, there happened to be a Weaver Barns brochure on the counter, and he loved the look of the house on the front cover. He came back out and showed it to me, and the next thing I knew we were heading up to Sugarcreek the following weekend to look at their models on site.”

As soon as we met everyone there and saw the barns, sheds and garages, it was over. We just really felt comfortable the minute we started working with them. I loved the fact that they could work with us to come up with a home that fit our needs. The house is only 1054 square feet, but we absolutely love every square inch. I think when we first started building, half of our friends and family thought we were crazy for downsizing so much. But honestly, it was the best thing we ever did!” Before we knew it, we went ahead with a Weaver garage to match.


Jim and Mary Competti, and their garden, barn, and chicken coop below.

The Compettis had Weaver barns complete the outside, and they finished the inside themselves. “We love to build and create as much as we can, and it was great working with someone who understood that,” said Jim.

This past year they added a Weaver Pavilion to the mix as well. “It was just the final thing that we needed at the farm, I loved their Pavilion from the moment I first saw it,” says Jim. “We love to live and enjoy the outdoors. We added a brick paver patio underneath, and it has become our outside home for the summer!

“We sit under the Pavilion almost every single night, and can’t believe how wonderful it finally feels to live here. It has become a ritual that at least once or twice a week someone stops to ask about it. I think for many people, they just really love the craftsmanship and attention to detail that Weaver takes in their buildings. We couldn’t be happier with life on our little farm!”


The Weaver Barns Pavilion overlooking the farm below.

Jun 22, 2017

Overlooking The Valley Below – Lisa Stith’s Timber Lodge Home

Lisa Stith - Timber Lodge

Lisa Stith’s Timber Lodge Home

Lisa Stith’s Lively Acres property sits on 7 and 1/2 acres overlooking the rolling hills of the gorgeous Tuscarawas County valley below. One look from her wrap around porch, and it becomes obvious to see why she chose the spot for her Weaver Barns Timber Lodge home.

With its large windows and wide open porch space, the Timber Lodge home takes in all of the beauty of valley.

It also gives her a great view of her beloved animals. Lisa has chickens, cats, a dog, a donkey named Jill, and her trusty old mare Good-N-Lively, who the property is named after. It is easy to see that she loves her animals and the wildlife that surrounds her property. She has even become an avid supporter of the Monarch Butterfly.

Lisa Stith - Timber Lodge

Lisa’s Timber Lodge Kitchen

Her landscape is filled with plants that the traveling butterfly needs to survive. Each year, she helps to raise and release them in efforts to increase the population. “They are an amazing creature, they travel 3000 miles or more to Central Mexico and back, and need all the help they can get”, says Lisa.

Lisa has an incredibly interesting life. “I grew up on the cape of Massachusetts. My father was a professor at MIT in Cambridge, and growing up we had horses. I loved being around them.”

So after graduating college with a B.A. in French and Secondary Education, Lisa decided to pack up her car, and moved to Ohio for the opportunity to train and race horses. “I went to work and trained race horses at the Dover Fairgrounds. I lived out of my car for awhile, and then moved into a place at the fairgrounds. For 13 years I really lived day to day.”

lisa stith - Weaver Barns

The walk out basement with stone facing

She finally ended up purchasing the land that her Timber Lodge home now sites on. At first, she and her husband created a small little house on the property. After many years of living, she had bad water, and it was in need of some serious repairs. So a few years back, she began to think about building a more “permanent” home on the site.

“I had looked at options for awhile, and one day passed by Weaver Barns in Sugarcreek and noticed the Timber Lodge. After that, I just kept driving by over and over. Finally, I stopped one day and went through it, and just kept imagining living in the house. That is when I first went inside and talked to Jason.” (Weaver Barns Inside Sales Manager Jason Miller)

“I really enjoyed working with Jason, his creativity and ability to adapt really made this project happen.” She continued working on designs with Jason, creating the home that now overlooks the surrounding hills and valley.

The house was built in 2014. “It took Weaver a lot of work to get this house up”, says Lisa, “This hill wasn’t easy to build on. But they worked and worked and made it happen. John Hershberger (Weaver Barns Project Manager) always came up with an answer to whatever issue there might be.”

And so it became that Lisa and Lively Acres had her Timber Lodge home.

Once built, she didn’t stop there! She fell in love with the look of Weaver’s new Pavilion introduced last year. and added on at the end of her driveway to serve as beautiful carport.

Thank you so much Lisa for sharing your story and home with us! We wish you many, many years of continued happiness at Lively Acres! Here are some more photos taken at Lively Acres:

The Timber Lodge at Lively Acres

The Gorgeous View

The Pavilion

The Pavilion

Another view from the porch

The view from the loft



Aug 01, 2016

A Summertime Salsa Recipe From Weaver Barns!

It’s summertime – and that means it’s time for garden fresh tomatoes, peppers, onions and more. Here is a great salsa recipe to take advantage of summer’s bounty for the whole family.

salsa recipe

Nothing can beat the taste of fresh garden salsa in the summer

This recipe combines the flavors of all that fresh produce along with just enough spices to create a magnificent chunky salsa that can be used for dipping with tortilla chips, or using as a topping on grilled chicken, salads, and more.

The best part of all – it only takes minutes to prepare!

And no worries if you don’t have a garden – you can find all of these simple ingredients at your local farmer’s market or grocery store to take advantage of that fresh taste.


10 roma tomatoes
2/3 cup onion, diced
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 tsp cumin
1/2 cup cilantro
the juice of 1 lime
1/2 tsp salt
1 jalapeno pepper, diced
1 poblano pepper, diced
(optional 1/2 tsp sugar)

salsa recipe

Pulse just a few times for chunky salsa

1. Wash and dry the tomatoes. Cut them in half and squeeze out the juice and seeds.  They don’t have to come completely out, as long as you get the majority your salsa won’t be too runny.

2. Place the tomatoes in a food processor. Pulse 4-6 times until the tomatoes reach a thick and chunky consistency.

3. Place all remaining ingredients into the food processor with the tomatoes.

4. Pulse 3-5 times until well combined, but still chunky.

5. Eat right away (it’s hard to resist), or place in the fridge for an hour to allow the flavors to meld even more. This can be stored in the fridge for up to 5 days.


Weaver Barns, because everyone needs a little structure in their life!

Weaver Barns
1696 State RT 39
Sugarcreek, Ohio 44681
330.852 2103

Jun 20, 2016

The Weaver Barns Woodshed

The Weaver Barns Woodshed is a prime example of the Ohio Amish Country Craftsmanship that goes into all of our structures.

The Woodshed built as a little pond retreat

The Weaver Barns’ Woodshed model is as beautiful as it is functional. A throwback to the classic style woodsheds of years ago – this model can easily store all of your firewood – or be outfitted to make the perfect cabin, retreat or pool house!

With it’s wide double door and standard 36″ single door – there is plenty of space to move anything and everything in and out of the woodshed – whether it be lawn and garden equipment, outdoor play equipment, or to simply keep that firewood nice and dry!

The 4′ front porch with cedar posts add a touch of class, and like all Weaver Barns’ sheds – options like flower boxes, shutters, and additional window configurations can personalize it to your needs.

The Weaver Barns Woodshed is extremely versatile! You can use it as a storage shed, she shed, woodshed, cabin and more!

The Weaver Barns Woodshed as a cabin

And all of our shed models are more than just beautiful to look at – they can also stand up to the toughest of outdoor conditions!

We go beyond the industry standard of plywood flooring with a heavy grade 2″ x 8″ tongue and v-groove flooring system that is unmatched for long term durability and strength. In addition, all of our barns come with a special two-step ventilation system that takes away the nasty heat with a continuous ridge vent, drawing in cool air to replace the stuffiness found in most small barns and sheds.

Call us today at 330.852.2013 to find out more about the Weaver Woodshed Model – and all our Weaver Barns structures. Weaver Barns, because everyone needs a little structure in their life!

Woodshed Highlights

  • Double Door on our Woodshed
  • 36″ Single Door on our Woodshed
    The beautiful Weaver Barns Woodshed. Amish Country Ohio is known for it's fine Amish craftsmanship. Experience the quality at Weaver Barns.

    The beautiful Weaver Barns Woodshed.

  • 4′ Porch with Cedar Posts
  • 7′ Sidewalls on our Woodshed
  • 5/12 Roof Pitch on our Woodshed
  • 2 x 8 Tongue & Groove
  • Treated Flooring
  • Continuous Ridge Vent & Soffit
  • Ventilation System
  • All Doors are Double Framed and
  • Assembled with Screws
Woodshed Heights
  • 8′ W – 10′ 5″
  • 10′ W – 10′ 10″
  • 12′ W – 11′ 3″
  • 14′ W – 11′ 8″
  • 16′ W – 12′ 1″
May 19, 2016

How To Get The Most From Your Backyard Garden

It is garden season, and gardeners all through the Midwest are hard at work planting their vegetables.

backyard garden

It is garden season in the Midwest!

Backyard gardening is one of America’s most favorite hobbies, and for many, it is a chance to grow some or nearly all of their family’s fresh food right in their own backyard!

So for today’s Weaver Barns’ Backyard Lifestyle Post, we thought we thought we would share 3 helpful tips to get the most from your garden this year.

How To Get The Most From Your Backyard Garden


Whether you have raised beds, raised rows, regular rows, or just a few simple garden plants tucked in your flowerbed – don’t walk near them. When you compact the area around a plant with soil-clogging foot prints, it makes it hard for the roots to expand and grow.  Less roots = less ways for the plant to soak up the valuable water and nutrients from the soil that benefit the plant. If you leave the area around a plant alone and un-compacted, it makes for much healthier plants. It’s one reason raised beds and container gardens can be so effective.


backyard gardening

Mulch is essential around garden plants to keep the moisture in place and the weeds out.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a pepper, cucumber, or tomato plant. Applying a healthy amount of mulch around the base of the plant really can make a difference! It helps the plant retain valuable moisture and keeps the soil temperature around the plant more regulated. It also helps keep out weeds that compete for nutrients. What to use as a mulch? Old grass clippings, shredded leaves, finished compost and straw all work great.


This may be the best advice of all. Just remember 3 things when it comes to watering that make it simple. WHEN, HOW and HOW MUCH.


Watering in the early morning is best. Before the sun has a chance to really get hot. Water at the base of the plants and let it soak in. If you water in the afternoon – you not only run the risk of burning the leaves from the sun scorching the water that may hit the plant – but you lose a lot more to evaporation than watering in the early morning.


backyard garden

With a nearly endless variety of options – you can create the perfect garden spot with a Weaver Barns’ shed

Water slowly and at the base of each plant. Let it soak in and come back a few times and apply smaller amounts that soak right in where it’s needed most at the root level of the plant Spraying the whole garden with a big hose and spray nozzle can lead to a lot of problems besides just scorching plants – like damaging plants, destroying the blooms that create the vegetables, or helping fungus and rot develop on wet moist leaves.


Too little water and they shrivel up. Too much water and they won’t develop the good and deep root structure needed for big plants. A good rule of thumb is that a garden plant typically needs to receive about 1 inch of water a week. If mother nature isn’t supplying that – then you need to supplement. If you are experiencing a prolonged dry spell – water every two to three days with about a 1/2″ of water to the plant at a time. This allows enough water to go deeper into the soil and build deeper roots – and gives the plants more consistent watering.

Why not every day you might ask? If you water every day – the plants will never send their roots deeper looking for water – and you end up with much less hardy and developed plants. Call it tough love watering to develop stronger plants – but it works.

And if you are an avid gardener – what could be better than your own personal beautiful backyard garden shed to keep all of your tools neat and organized? Check out our complete line of sheds at Weaver Barns and find the perfect structure for your backyard oasis! Weaver Barns…Because everyone needs a little structure in their lives.

May 10, 2016

Gain Instant Storage Space With A Weaver Barns Shed

storage space

Weaver Barns has the right shed for all of your storage needs!

If your garage space seems to be shrinking each and every day – maybe its time to think about adding a beautiful Weaver Barns shed to your backyard!

Weaver Barns’ shed models are a great way to clear the clutter out of your garage – and organize your life.

With a Weaver shed – you can gain instant storage space for all of your garden tools, lawn equipment, outdoor recreational equipment and more – all while adding a beautiful, long-lasting structure to your backyard!

Whether it is the stately feel of the Craftsman Shed, the quaint look of our Cottage model, the beautiful lines of our Estate model, or the charm of any of our small sheds – Weaver Barns has the right shed to fit your style and look.

Best of all – our small barns can be delivered direct to your home – solving your storage problems in an instant!

Sugar creek Shed

The Sugar Creek Shed is a beautiful addition to any backyard – and is perfect for storing all kinds of outdoor tools and equipment

Weaver Barns is one of Americas’s most trusted, time-tested and approved Amish barn, home and garage companies. For more than two decades we’ve been helping folks build their dreams.

Our Amish style barns, custom homes and garages are handcrafted using only the finest material available on the market today. Our structures are built to perfection and last a lifetime because of the attention to detail and our time-tested Amish barn construction experience.

Weaver Barns – Because everyone needs a little structure in their life!

You can see all of our shed models here :  Weaver Barns Sheds

Weaver Barns

1696 Route RT 39
Sugarcreek, Ohio 44681
[email protected]
Local: (330) 852 2103
Toll Free: (888) 289 4940


Apr 27, 2016

5 Heirloom Tomatoes To Grow In Your Backyard This Year

Many of our Weaver Barns’ customers are avid backyard gardeners. In fact, quite a few have created their very own custom potting or garden structure from a Weaver shed model to prove it!

The beauty of heirloom tomatoes

The beauty of heirloom tomatoes

Each year, more and more people are starting to plant backyard gardens. There is something so special about growing your very own vegetables in your backyard.  When it comes to that amazing flavor, nothing can quite top the list like the taste of fresh home-grown heirloom tomatoes!

Heirloom tomatoes are becoming increasingly popular every year, and with good reason! If you have ever savored a thick, juicy, sweet slice of a Brandywine or Purple Cherokee tomato just picked from the vine, then you know that it’s nearly impossible to ever go back to eating those bland “supermarket” tomatoes again.

We thought for this week’s backyard post, we would share 5 delicious and great tasting heirloom tomato varieties to try in your own backyard garden this year.

Black Krim :  Like the name implies – Black Krim tomatoes become a dark blackish-purple color when ripe.  The variety originates from Russia, and has really become a favorite among heirloom tomato lovers. The taste is simply amazing! A word of caution – be prepared to support this one – it grows large and will take up some space.

Amish Paste :  This is the heirloom variety of what most know as a “Roma” style of tomato.  Thick walled and great for making sauces and ketchup – this is a perfect tomato for canners!  They are also great for salads because they stay nice and firm when sliced.

Black Cherry :  If you like cherry tomatoes – you will love this black cherry heirloom variety.  They produce tons of small round black and reddish fruit that are perfect for salads, salsa – or just eating one after another!  They have a super-sweet rich flavor that can’t even be compared to those bright red cherry tomatoes you find in plastic boxes at the grocery store. They keep on growing and producing til frost – so be prepared to have plenty on hand!

Nothing quite say "I'm a Gardener" like your very own garden or potting shed!

Nothing quite say “I’m a Gardener” like your very own garden or potting shed!

Cherokee Purple:  This is one of the classics! It produces large, beefy tomatoes that have a dark deep red to purplish hue. When sliced open – they are meaty and really make the perfect tomato sandwich.

It is said to have been grown and handed down from the Cherokee tribe – hence the name. This one can easily grow 6 to 8 feet tall.

Brandywine: A favorite among many gardeners, the Brandywine tomato is renowned for its rich, sweet flavor. It is probably the most widely known and grown variety of heirloom tomatoes. They will grow quite large and dense, and a single tomato can nearly make a meal.

We hope you enjoyed our list, and feel free to let us know of your favorites as well!

If backyard gardening and living are your cup of tea – be sure check out some of our Weaver Barns shed models to create your very own custom potting or garden shed.

Weaver Barns…because everyone needs a little structure in their life….and some fresh heirloom tomatoes too!

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