Kwik Kit DIY Shed by Weaver Barns

The Kwik-Kit DIY Shed

Your Dream DIY Amish Shed – Parts Are Crafted by Our Expert Weaver Barn Builders

The Kwik Kit Barn is a Do It Yourself (ers) Dream! The same high quality materials Weaver Barns always uses, with the same Amish Country craftsmanship in every piece we send.

Our 8 x 12′ Kwik Kit sheds have the same great Weaver Barns quality you have come to expect – but are delivered right to your door ready for you to assemble – and save big!

It’s perfect for those looking to add a touch of class to their back yard while keeping an eye on their budget.

Create your own chicken coop or garden shed from the available options – or turn it into a pool house, artist studio, she-shed or man-cave with your own elegant and creative diy touches!

Our Kwik Kit structures are pre-cut at our Sugarcreek, Ohio facility – and then shipped to you for assembly on site.

The Kwik Kit are available with a variety of options –  and can be shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states.

Kwik Kit DIY Shed by Weaver Barns


Duratemp Plywood Siding

Standard 8′ x 12′ Kwik Kit

Solid Pine Barn Siding

Standard 8′ x 12′ Kwik Kit

Call For Information: 330-852-2103

The Weaver Barns Kwik Kit includes all materials for completed barn except 4 x 4 runners, drip edge and shingles. These materials are not only cost-prohibitive to ship – but allow to match finished roofing material to their existing structures.

See below for more information – or call us toll free at (888) 289-4940 for a free quote on our Kwik Kit Shed.

Kwik-Kit Steps

Steps for Kwik Kit by Weaver Barns

What To Expect From Your DIY Amish Crafted Shed

Our Amish Craftsmen are among the best in Ohio’s Amish Country. These same builders are the team that will carefully craft each piece that arrives in your kit. Your Weaver Barns Kwik Kit will arrive bundled into the smallest possible package.

Every Kwik Kit comes with the same parts to easily assemble your very own Amish Crafted DIY shed by Weaver Barns. All the essential parts for a long lasting durable shed are included in your base price. Our Kwik Kit shed is sure to make a statement in your outdoor space.

Building Size: 8’x12′      |      Building Height: 10′

We offer two Siding Options: Duratemp Plywood & Solid Pine. Each options has it’s own unique benefits and look. The Solid Pine Siding is a little extra, but has a beautiful solid wood look. The Duratemp is available at a lower price range, and is generally less maintenance in the long run. Both are available in several different colors.

Want to get the most out of your DIY Weaver Barns Shed? We offer several different Option Upgrades including: shelf options, Paint options, Flower Boxes, windows and more. You can select the options that meet your needs and budget.

Homesteading Chicken Coop

Weaver Barns also offers another special Option for the Kwik Kit. The perfect DIY Chicken Coop from Ohio’s Amish Country. This kit transforms your Kwik Kit into a Chicken Coop. For a small fee we will include a everything you need to start out your very own DIY Homesteading Chicken Coop from Amish Country.

Everything is crafted by our local builders right here in Sugarcreek, Ohio; the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country. Weaver Barns is happy to announce we are now able to ship our expertly crafted DIY Kwik Kits all over the 48 contiguous United States.

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Kwik Kit DIY Shed by Weaver Barns

  • Prebuilt 4′ Double Doors
  • T-Handle with Lock and Key
  • Cane Bolt
  • 1×4 Cedar Window and Door Trim
  • 1×6 Cedar Fascia Board
  • Treated 2×4 Floor Joists
  • 3/4″ Treated Plywood Floor
  • 1/2″ CDX Roof Sheathing
  • 2×4 Studs
  • 2×4 Rafters
  • 7′ Side Walls
  • 5/12 Pitch Roof


Building Size 8’x12′

Color Options for Kwik Kit

Building Heights  is 10′

Siding Options

Duratemp Plywood Siding
Solid Pine Barnsiding

Optional Upgrades

5′ Double Door (free)
2×3 Single Window
8×4 Loft
8×2 Shelf
8×1 Shelf
3′ Ramp for Double Door
Flower Box

*Price Depends on Option Upgrades and Siding Choices


Package Features

Exterior Chicken Run
Feed Room
Roosting Poles
5-Nesting Boxes
Chicken Door
Small Ramp
36″ Door

Chicken Coop Option for Kwik Kit by Weaver Barns

Customer Feedback

“It was great working with Weaver Barns!” -Betty Lue, CA

“The pavilion has been a great addition to our back yard!” -L. Miller, OH

“Working with Jay was a wonderful experience.” -M. Yoder, PA

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