Apr 27, 2016

5 Heirloom Tomatoes To Grow In Your Backyard This Year

Many of our Weaver Barns’ customers are avid backyard gardeners. In fact, quite a few have created their very own custom potting or garden structure from a Weaver shed model to prove it!

The beauty of heirloom tomatoes

The beauty of heirloom tomatoes

Each year, more and more people are starting to plant backyard gardens. There is something so special about growing your very own vegetables in your backyard.  When it comes to that amazing flavor, nothing can quite top the list like the taste of fresh home-grown heirloom tomatoes!

Heirloom tomatoes are becoming increasingly popular every year, and with good reason! If you have ever savored a thick, juicy, sweet slice of a Brandywine or Purple Cherokee tomato just picked from the vine, then you know that it’s nearly impossible to ever go back to eating those bland “supermarket” tomatoes again.

We thought for this week’s backyard post, we would share 5 delicious and great tasting heirloom tomato varieties to try in your own backyard garden this year.

Black Krim :  Like the name implies – Black Krim tomatoes become a dark blackish-purple color when ripe.  The variety originates from Russia, and has really become a favorite among heirloom tomato lovers. The taste is simply amazing! A word of caution – be prepared to support this one – it grows large and will take up some space.

Amish Paste :  This is the heirloom variety of what most know as a “Roma” style of tomato.  Thick walled and great for making sauces and ketchup – this is a perfect tomato for canners!  They are also great for salads because they stay nice and firm when sliced.

Black Cherry :  If you like cherry tomatoes – you will love this black cherry heirloom variety.  They produce tons of small round black and reddish fruit that are perfect for salads, salsa – or just eating one after another!  They have a super-sweet rich flavor that can’t even be compared to those bright red cherry tomatoes you find in plastic boxes at the grocery store. They keep on growing and producing til frost – so be prepared to have plenty on hand!

Nothing quite say "I'm a Gardener" like your very own garden or potting shed!

Nothing quite say “I’m a Gardener” like your very own garden or potting shed!

Cherokee Purple:  This is one of the classics! It produces large, beefy tomatoes that have a dark deep red to purplish hue. When sliced open – they are meaty and really make the perfect tomato sandwich.

It is said to have been grown and handed down from the Cherokee tribe – hence the name. This one can easily grow 6 to 8 feet tall.

Brandywine: A favorite among many gardeners, the Brandywine tomato is renowned for its rich, sweet flavor. It is probably the most widely known and grown variety of heirloom tomatoes. They will grow quite large and dense, and a single tomato can nearly make a meal.

We hope you enjoyed our list, and feel free to let us know of your favorites as well!

If backyard gardening and living are your cup of tea – be sure check out some of our Weaver Barns shed models to create your very own custom potting or garden shed.

Weaver Barns…because everyone needs a little structure in their life….and some fresh heirloom tomatoes too!

Jan 28, 2016

The Sugar Creek Shed – A Classic Look For Any Backyard!

Sugar creek Shed

The Sugar Creek Shed

The Sugar Creek Shed is one of Weaver Barns top selling models – and for good reason. The amazing craftsmanship and beauty shine through inside and out – and the classic style and appearance of the Sugar Creek fits any backyard décor.

The Sugar Creed model comes with standard  7’ high sidewalls, a 5/12 roof pitch, and a 32” overhang – and makes it perfect for a backyard garden shed, pool house – or an outdoor retreat!

Sugar Creek Shed

The Sugar Creek with a metal roof – a classic look for a classic shed

With double framed doors, heavy duty 2 x 8 tongue & groove treated flooring, and a continuous ridge vent and soffit ventilation system  – the Sugar Creek can also stand up to the elements.

Call us today at (888) 289 4940  to find out more about the Sugar Creek Shed – or any of our classic barns.

Weaver Barns is one of America’s most trusted, time tested and approved Amish barn companies. For more than two decades we’ve been helping folks build their dreams. We offer some of America’s best wood sheds, barns, and custom homes! You can see them all at www.weaverbarns.com


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