Customize your shed or outdoor structure to make it your own. Here are most popular add-ons and options our customers choose to make their backyard building their own.

Shelving & Workbenches

Add shelving or workbenches to free up floor space and make the best use of your storage building. Wall shelving/workbenches are available in 1’ and 2’ depths. Freestanding shelving is also available.


Built-in overhead lofts are popular choice and an easy way to maximize storage space. Standard lofts start at 8’ wide and go up to 16’ wide. Four feet is the standard depth. Custom loft sizes are available.

Flower Boxes

Give your shed or garage a touch of natural beauty with window boxes designed for potting fresh flowers and plants. Window boxes are available for both wood and vinyl buildings.

Door Ramps

A door ramp is almost a necessity if you’re storing a lawn mower, riding, mower, or other heavy equipment in your building. Door ramps are available in 3’, 4’, and 5’ depths.


Many customers choose to add a decorative cupola not only for how it looks, but because it helps vent and circulate air in their storage building.


A classic weathervane will tell you which way the wind is blowing (and it looks neat too). Our copper weathervanes are available in large and small sizes. Choose from 4 animal-themed options: horse, rooster, dog, or eagle.