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Annual Inspection

An annual inspection and completing necessary maintenance can dramatically increase the life of your structure. Here are a few areas to inspect at least yearly.

Key Areas to Inspect

Door Alignment & Level

A level site is critical for the proper functioning of your doors. If a site or foundation settles or shifts, it may require you to re-level the building. If you are unable to do this yourself, we offer a re-leveling service for an assessed fee. Contact us to learn more.

Paint or Stain Condition

The paints and stains we use on our products are formulated for long-lasting protection. But quality coatings don’t last forever. Check the condition of the paint or stain at least once per year. Touch up any spots that might be chipped or exposed. Call us at 888 289-4940 to order paint or stain.

Missing or Broken Shingles

A missing or broken shingle can quickly lead to leaks and further damage. It’s best to address this issue as soon as it’s discovered to prevent most costly damage. Replacing shingles is a straightforward task if DIY projects are your thing. Another option is to contact a local handyman for help.

Exposed Bottoms of Doors & Siding

Door and siding bottoms need to be protected with regular maintenance to avoid premature failure. Ideally, door and siding bottoms should be raised at least 4 inches off the ground to avoid contact with moist ground. Contact us if you find any rot or damage to door or siding bottoms.