When the decision to invest in your very own structure is made, one of the most important options is your siding option. Not only does this affect the potential longevity of your siding, but it can also change the maintenance requirements and upfront cost of your building. Each type of siding offers a unique style and look. Whether you decide to purchase your structure from Weaver Barns, or another builder; this is a quick guide for anyone adding a structure to their space.

Choosing Your Siding - Weaver Barns

It’s your choice! If you are talking to a salesperson worth their salt, they will take the time to serve you and fully explain your options to you. These questions will help to narrow down your options and will lead to other questions you may want to consider.

Things to consider:

  • Does this fit my style? (wood, vinyl, etc)
  • Maintenance necessary for preferred siding types?
  • Estimated longevity of preferred siding types?
  • Does this fit my budget?

Each builder has their own siding options they may offer. However, the experienced team at Weaver Barns has narrowed it down to four simple choices to make the decision making process as efficient as possible. We also have structured it in a package system. For example, our top three siding options include all of our Superior 7 Features. Our EcoPro Series is our cost effective option and includes 4 of our Superior 7 Features.

What are your Superior 7 Features? Learn More

Siding can be a great place to save money on depending on your particular situation and structure type.

Here is how we chose to break down our options as an example: (listed in order of price)

EcoPro Series

“A Smart Value Choice”
4 Superior Features

Eco-Pro Siding for Weaver Barns by LP Building Products

Vinyl Siding

“Our Best Maintenance Free Choice”
Superior 7 Features

Vinyl Siding for Weaver Barns

Solid Pine Siding

“Our Highest Quality Solid Wood Choice”
Superior 7 Features

Pine Siding by Weaver Barns

Duratemp Siding

“A Quality Choice Made With Engineered Materials”
Superior 7 Features

Duratemp Siding for Weaver Barns

As mentioned above, these our the Weaver Barns options listed in order of price. There are several different factors including material, longevity, maintenance requirements, etc. If you

Final Thoughts

Here are a few final thoughts to consider. Do you prefer paint, vinyl or the more natural wood look? How much maintenance are you willing to accept? Also, think about your investment. The Roseburg DuraTemp siding we offer is a long lasting option, that also comes with a 50 Year Limited Warranty! The EcoPro offers great savings on your structure upfront. So of course what package makes sense with your budget? You may also want to consider the type of structure you are looking to build when choosing your siding package. Depending on your budget, you may spend more on your garage or home siding package vs your storage shed. Everybody’s budget and needs are different, so speak with your team member to decide what makes sense.

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