Preparing Your Storage Shed or Barn For Winter

Many of the issues you will be checking for in this list are for sheds & barns that may be a little older. However, by following this checklist it may help you make your particular structure last longer. Nothing holds up like an expertly crafted Amish Country shed, however over the course of time, use or unexpected damage may happen. Our goal in this blog post is to help you make the most of your structure whether it is a Weaver Barns shed, or a shed you may have purchased in the past from another builder. In the comments, let us know what your winter preparation checklist includes.

Preparing Your Shed For Winter Blog by Weaver Barns in Sugarcreek, Ohio's Amish Country

Clean & Organize

  1. Clean All Cob Webs
    • If you clean out the cob webs down once the weather is already starting to set in you shouldn’t walk into a shed full of spider webs in the spring.
  2. Sweep Out Shed
    • Sweep out any dirt, grime, bird seeds, etc. This will help discourage rodents from trying to use your shed as a safe haven. You will want to store bird seed in a more secure space perhaps a bucket during the winter months as rodents will be searching for food sources.
  3. Organize What You’ll Need During The Winter Months
    • Just as you might have your Christmas decorations and snow shovel pushed to the back during the summer months, you may want to consider reorganizing so you have access to your winter supplies when necessary. For example, move that snowblower up front, salt, etc.
    • Want to make your life easier going forward? Plan a layout and space for storage, tools and work space in your shed or barn. This will make ensure things are easier to find and help you make the most of your Weaver Barns structure. Hooks and shelves are your friends! 🙂

Holes & Cracks

If you’ve had your shed for some time, you will want to check the base board/siding for any holes, cracks or other damage that may act as an access point for unwanted dwelling seekers. Though we want our shed to be cleaned out of potential food sources for rodents, we also want to make sure that the structure is as secure as possible to prevent them getting access in the first place. This will also help with insulation and further damage from occurring to the area.

  • If you find any damage, you may want to consider contacting the company you purchased your shed from to see about any potential warranties or service they may provide. Weaver Barns has an experienced service provider on our team to check damage in qualifying situations.

Ceiling & Shingles

Check your ceiling and shingles for any potential weak spots that may leak. You will want to avoid leaks or frosting over of the ceiling boards, as this could potentially cause rot. We have seen this in other shed products. If you can get ahead of leaking shingles it will save you time and money in the long run. Fixing shingles is much easier than having to fix the boards below them as well.

Windows & Doors

Be sure to make sure that the windows and doors are secure. That means the windows and doors, but also the boards that frame these entryways. This will help with insulation, but you guest it; those friendly creatures are still looking for a way into sheds and barns.

Preparing Your Shed For Winter By Weaver Barns Blog

Clean Away Debris

Clean away debris from outside your structure. For example, leaves and debris can build up against the side of the structure. Brushing away debris and leaves will help prevent rot in the siding and flooring. It will also help prevent small critters from trying to make homes in or around your shed or barn.

Bonus Tips

Clean Tools & Mowers

Be sure to clean your tools, mowers and anything else that may have excess dirt or grime. This will prevent dirt from falling off of these tools eventually and ending up on the floor; as well as making your tools last longer by preventing rust and wear. Grass tends to clump up under mowers so you will want to give them a good cleaning after your final use for the year.

Store Mowers and Engines Without Fuel

Best practices is to store mowers, and other engines that won’t be used over the winter, without fuel in them.

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