Creating a comfortable and dynamic home office space can be a challenge when the extra room has to be converted to a guest bedroom or nursery. Space in your home and garage are often quickly taken up by other priorities. Often when the average person thinks of a shed they may think of a dark dirty space that you only go to when it’s time to dig out the Christmas lights or mow the yard. Our structures are designed to make the most of your space, and with the addition of lights and extra windows you can create a well lit space. What you may not have considered is creating a home office or studio in one of our sheds!

Home Office Shed & Barn Space by Weaver Barns

Why use a shed or barn as your office space:

  • Separate from the house – this allows you to remove yourself from the distractions and never ending tasks of the home.
  • Go to work without going to work – the act of preparing yourself to go to a designated space to work prepares you for the day; while still keeping you available to the home. Plus can you say “no commute”!
  • Leave work – when the office is in the home it can be hard to separate yourself from work. With a home office shed you can lock up the office door when it’s family time.
  • Free up space in your home – you can now use that room as a guest space or nursery, etc!
  • Be comfortable hosting clients – it can be awkward having clients come into your home; especially if you didn’t get the chance to tidy up. You know your office will always be ready to go, and create a professional feel.

Indeed many of our customers have used their sheds & barns as home office spaces. In fact, for years we have used a shed as our conference room for meetings. The team at Weaver Barns has been expanding over the past year, and additional space has become necessary. Now we have added a beautiful brand new structure for additional office space. So you can see how we use the structure, here is a breakdown of the features we used and recommend.

Home Office Shed & Barn Space by Weaver Barns

This structure is located at our headquarters in Sugarcreek, Ohio. We freed up space in our primary building by adding this structure out back. We have 9 cubicals set up in this building, and still have plenty of space for a central primary space and conference table. This is where our drafting team, marketing team and other roles are currently working. The “Little Switzerland of Ohio” has been our home and this structure is a great example of the craftsmanship that our team offers. Our team loves the natural light and comfortable aesthetics and design of this structure. It is a great example of the merging of Amish Country Craftsmanship and modern day comforts.

Our Office Space Details:

  • 12 Windows
  • 4 Skylights
  • 4 Trapazoid
  • Beautiful Wood Beams
  • Metal Ceiling
  • 9 Cubicals
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Less of Natural Light
  • Sound Canceling Dividers
  • A/C Unit
  • Bonus: We definitely recommend sit-stand desks! We ordered custom wood slabs and used this sit-stand desk base for most of our desks.

Home Office Shed & Barn Space by Weaver Barns

If you are considering creating your own home office space, here is a summary of the features we recommend that you consider. This is a space you will be spending a lot of time in working and creating. You want to ensure that you are comfortable and it is a space you look forward to spending time in on a daily basis. You will also want to consider how much space you will need and if you will be hosting clients. Although each person has different priorities there are several core things to consider. Here is a quick summary of things we have noticed after working in our custom office space for the past several months.

Top Recommendations:

Natural Light  Nobody likes working in the dark all day. Natural light is key for creating a welcoming work space. It’s easy on the eyes and is great for not feeling closed off from the world while working. Windows and skylights are a great way to bring natural light into your space.

Good Lighting Fixtures – Natural light isn’t always available. For these situations we recommend good lighting fixtures.

Space – You will want to factor in how much space you need for your work space: desk, chair, shelving, etc. If you will be sharing the space you may want a co-working table. The other note is if you are hosting clients, you may want to factor in a seating space for them or use the co-working space. You don’t want to feel to closed in, give yourself room to breathe.

Air Flow – Air flow is crucial to keeping a fresh feeling and air in the space. Fans are an excellent option, windows can also be helpful depending on the weather.

Temperature Control – There are great units that do both heating and cooling for temperature control year round.

Aesthetics – Create a beautiful space that matches your style. Contrasting textures and colors are great for creating a unique space.

Power Supply – The great thing about adding a shed or barn as an office is you can often run power from your home to the structure.

Fast Wifi/Boosters – Fast Wifi is extremely important for any working space. Many people can keep their router in the house and just use a booster in your office space.

Let us know your best home office tips!