We love to share the stories of our wonderful customers and their Weaver Barns’ structures! Today’s story comes to us from the Holdridge’s, who share the story of their backyard Highland Garden Shed.

Highland Garden Shed by Weaver Barns of Sugarcreek, Ohio. Ohio Amish Country Cabin Builders.
The Holdridge’s Highland Garden Shed

When the Holdridge’s went looking for a hard-working garden shed back in 2013, they happened across a Weaver Barns display lot, and in the words of Jean Holdridge, “We fell in love!”

The model they fell in love with was none other than the Weaver Barns’ Highland Shed. The Highland’s rustic pine timber framing, porch, and higher roof pitch make it a great fit for almost any location and need, from pool house, to backyard get-away retreat, or in the Holdridge’s case, the ultimate garden shed.

“Working with the Weaver Barn folks was a simple process”, says Jean Holdridge.  “We prepared a 4-inch gravel base for the building to set on. To keep it safe from high winds, we installed 4 concrete “dead men” (no, Jimmy Hoffa is not buried under our Barn!!  on each corner.

My handy hubby installed 80-amp electrical service and completely wired the building inside and out.  We now enjoy gardening to the sound of music!”

Highland Garden Shed or Cabin by Weaver Barns of Sugarcreek, Ohio. Amish Country of Cabin builders.
Love that porch!

Fast forward to today, and the Holdridge’s Highland shed continues to serve them well. “This year, we had it all re-painted and top coated. It was still in really great shape, and only required a little TLC maintenance. And now, it looks brand new again!”

Thank you so much Jean to you and your husband for sharing your Weaver Barns story with us – and what a gorgeous setting for your garden shed!

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