So often, we hear back from proud Weaver Barns customers with photos and stories of their Weaver Barns shed, barn, garage, cottage or custom home.

My Weaver Barns Story
Steve’s original cabin, addition, and new garage in the background.

Such is the case with Steve Kobus, a high school principal who started out wanting to build a little retreat in the Laurel Mountains of Pennsylvania – and ended up with 3 Weaver structures and a place to retire to!

Here is Steve’s story in his own words:

I had the original portion of the cabin (16×30) built in 2004 in the Laurel Mountains of Pennsylvania.  I was looking for something simple, yet constructed in a solid manner.  After discovering Weaver Barns that summer, I had the original part of the cabin built in October.  I then set out on my journey to finish the interior.

The cabin addition
Steve’s cabin addition

As a high school principal, I found it relaxing to build and construct the interior of the cabin to my liking over the years.  I could only devote a weekend or two a month and two weeks in the summer to finish the interior.  After about 8 years, the interior was accomodating to my satisfaction. Family and friends enjoyed the relaxing environment that was created.  After all, I love snow, and the mountains of Pennsylvania haven’t disappointed me yet.

However, I then started looking at a new page in my life with retirement down the road.  I began to think about retiring to the cabin.  The loft would not be the best area for a bedroom, having to worry about going up and down a set of stairs. So I set out to Weaver Barns again to add an addition which would serve as a main floor bedroom (12×24).  Working closely with WB, I had more features put into the addition. Spending more time in the Laurel Mountains, the addition was finished in only two years.

A view from the woods
A view from the woods

Then the reality came, it was time to retire and I needed a garage.  For a third time I called on Weaver Barns. A year ago they built a fantastic (36×24) two story garage with plenty of room for my toys and an upstairs for all my woodworking tools.

The overall design and plans for the cabin (I refuse to call it a house) are about 80% complete.  (Is it ever complete?) I must say that I am extremely satisfied with the craftsmanship of all three structures as a result of Weaver Barns attention to detail. If I were to need a fourth structure, you better believe, I’d call WB!   –  Steve Kobus

It looks like Steve has certainly found his dream space in the Laurel Mountains!

yellow-logoWe are so fortunate to work with so many wonderful people like Steve, and are always proud to share their stories on our blog!

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