Lisa Stith - Timber Lodge
Lisa Stith’s Timber Lodge Home

Lisa Stith’s Lively Acres property sits on 7 and 1/2 acres overlooking the rolling hills of the gorgeous Tuscarawas County valley below. One look from her wrap around porch, and it becomes obvious to see why she chose the spot for her Weaver Barns Timber Lodge home.

With its large windows and wide open porch space, the Timber Lodge home takes in all of the beauty of valley.

It also gives her a great view of her beloved animals. Lisa has chickens, cats, a dog, a donkey named Jill, and her trusty old mare Good-N-Lively, who the property is named after. It is easy to see that she loves her animals and the wildlife that surrounds her property. She has even become an avid supporter of the Monarch Butterfly.

Lisa Stith - Timber Lodge
Lisa’s Timber Lodge Kitchen

Her landscape is filled with plants that the traveling butterfly needs to survive. Each year, she helps to raise and release them in efforts to increase the population. “They are an amazing creature, they travel 3000 miles or more to Central Mexico and back, and need all the help they can get”, says Lisa.

Lisa has an incredibly interesting life. “I grew up on the cape of Massachusetts. My father was a professor at MIT in Cambridge, and growing up we had horses. I loved being around them.”

So after graduating college with a B.A. in French and Secondary Education, Lisa decided to pack up her car, and moved to Ohio for the opportunity to train and race horses. “I went to work and trained race horses at the Dover Fairgrounds. I lived out of my car for awhile, and then moved into a place at the fairgrounds. For 13 years I really lived day to day.”

lisa stith - Weaver Barns
The walk out basement with stone facing

She finally ended up purchasing the land that her Timber Lodge home now sites on. At first, she and her husband created a small little house on the property. After many years of living, she had bad water, and it was in need of some serious repairs. So a few years back, she began to think about building a more “permanent” home on the site.

“I had looked at options for awhile, and one day passed by Weaver Barns in Sugarcreek and noticed the Timber Lodge. After that, I just kept driving by over and over. Finally, I stopped one day and went through it, and just kept imagining living in the house. That is when I first went inside and talked to Jason.” (Weaver Barns Inside Sales Manager Jason Miller)

“I really enjoyed working with Jason, his creativity and ability to adapt really made this project happen.” She continued working on designs with Jason, creating the home that now overlooks the surrounding hills and valley.

The house was built in 2014. “It took Weaver a lot of work to get this house up”, says Lisa, “This hill wasn’t easy to build on. But they worked and worked and made it happen. John Hershberger (Weaver Barns Project Manager) always came up with an answer to whatever issue there might be.”

And so it became that Lisa and Lively Acres had her Timber Lodge home.

Once built, she didn’t stop there! She fell in love with the look of Weaver’s new Pavilion introduced last year. and added on at the end of her driveway to serve as beautiful carport.

Thank you so much Lisa for sharing your story and home with us! We wish you many, many years of continued happiness at Lively Acres! Here are some more photos taken at Lively Acres:

The Timber Lodge at Lively Acres
The Gorgeous View
The Pavilion
The Pavilion
Another view from the porch
The view from the loft