Renee Miller started making Hand Poured Candles around the time of the Great Recession in 2008; a time of turmoil for so many. As most everybody knows all to well, the economy was bad and times were difficult for many. Renee decided to dive in and learn about the candle making process and spark a little light. The process was a practice in patience and attention to detail. It took Renee approximately two or three years to fully learn, and understand, the best practices for making the ideal hand poured candle.  As stated on their website, “In the winter of 2010, I started making candles in my kitchen to sell in our gift shop, R Classic Elements, located in Shanesville, Ohio.” This is how Shanesville Candles Co. was born!

Renee Miller A Local Entrepreneur

Named for the small town of Shanesville where the Shanesville Candle Company resides. Shanesville, Ohio and Sugarcreek, Ohio merge together seamlessly you hardly know when you are leaving one and entering the other. In the beginning, Renee would get used wine bottles and cut them to pour her candles into to be sold. The process of cutting the bottles perfectly and before you could even pour the candles was extremely labor intensive. As with most entrepreneurial endeavors, time and space are some of the biggest obstacles to overcome when starting out.

Shanesville Candle Co. and R. Classic Elements in Sugarcreek, Ohio. The white building is built by Weaver Barns.

Hand Poured Candles in Shanesville, Ohio

Renee rented a space for a time, but today she has her own location located on the square in Shanesville, Ohio. Production was moved next to R. Classic Elements in 2013. Renee chose Weaver Barns to build her an extra building next to her store. Selecting the Highland Model by Weaver Barns, Renee was able to have a great space for her to grow her small business. Shanesville Candle Co. team member, Jolene, now makes the candles which can take two to three days to complete.

The process consists of: the mixing and melting process, pouring the candles, cooling and labeling. These beautiful hand poured soy candles come in different colors, scents and sizes; including melts. Renee is so happy to be able to provide local jobs, not only to her own employees, but she also orders her labels from local printers. What makes Shanesville Candles unique, “Our customers loved that we used only the best soy ingredients in the industry. We double scent each and every ounce of wax, the most any soy wax candle will hold, This makes a beautiful clean burning candle.”

Hand Poured Candles in Sugarcreek, Ohio Weaver Barns of Sugarcreek built Renee Miller's shed where she makes her hand poured candles

R. Classic Elements A Boutique Shop For You!

Originally, Renee purchased the Highland model to be a primitives shop. Today, the beautiful structure is prominently featured next to her store R. Classic Elements. When you stop by her store, the first thing you will notice when stepping into her store is the delicious aroma that is in her store. The Highland Shed that Renee purchased from Weaver Barns has now become a candle making facility!

Wisely, Renee chose to add extra windows to her building; allowing a lot of extra natural light into the structure. All of the beautiful candles in her store are created right next door in Renee’s Weaver Barn. Today her team has grown and to include multiple local community members; including an Amish couple who will be coming on board.

Shanesville Candle Co. by Renee Miller. Renee selected Weaver Barns to build her candle making facility.

Renee sources her beautiful products from some of the finest makers. R. Classic Elements features a wide array of products for your whole home including: indoor and outdoor decorations, clothing, dishware, fabrics and much more. “The best part is being able to make these candles right here in our community” stated Renee.

Hand Poured Candles by Shanesville Candle Co Shanesville Candle Co. makes Hand Poured Candles in Ohio

“Weaver Barns has always taken really good care of us” Renee shared as we toured the candle making facility. The Highland shed was customized with some great options like: Electricity, Pine Planking on the wall and ceiling, Mini-Split Air Conditioner/Heater, Two Ceiling fans to keep the space cool and insulation for efficiency. The Shanesville Candle Co. are always making customer favorites, but they also try and create new scents and product lines for their loyal customers.

Not only have Renee and her team at the Shanesville Candle Co. continued to create the finest hand poured candles, now they have expanded into melts, soaps and bath bombs! Check their site or Facebook page often for new product they are working on.

Shanesville Candle Co building by Weaver Barns of Sugarcreek, Ohio; the little Switzerland of Ohio.

R. Classic Elements has an excellent selection of decorative items. The boutique shop in Sugarcreek has a great selection of gift ideas to take home with you on your next visit to Ohio’s Amish Country. Renee’s beautiful shop has become a staple in The Little Switzerland of Ohio; Sugarcreek, Ohio. Our community features so many great places to dine and shop, so we invite you to make a day trip to our community. Only a short drive from Berlin, Ohio and Dover, Ohio there is plenty to do for the whole family in our welcoming community.

Weaver Barns is happy to share the community with great neighbors like Renee A Miller, R.Classic Elements and the Shanesville Candle Co. As a family owned business, Weaver Barns appreciates the support of our community and tourists alike. Our family has been a part of this community and have several sister companies in Sugarcreek, Ohio; Wallhouse Coffee Co. & Weaver’s Furniture.

We encourage you to support awesome local shops like R.Classic Elements and Shanesville Candle Co. In doing so you are supporting local employees and entrepreneurs in Ohio’s Amish Country. You can also order Shanesville Candles online! We love sharing the stories of our great customers like Renee Miller; and her unique story of community and entrepreneurship. Visit her Facebook Page, give her page a like and let her know Weaver Barns sent you!