Sep 17, 2020

How To Virtually Design Your Own Amish Country Shed, Barn or Garage


Virtual Amish Shed Designer by Weaver Barns in Ohio.

What is our Virtual Shed Builder tool? Simplified, it is an easy to use drag and drop shed designer tool for our customers. Drag and drop elements such as: doors, windows, ramps and other design features. You also have the option to choose from a wide array of color options for your structure, the trim on your structure and roof; along with many more options. As you virtually design your shed, you will have a running total of the cost of your shed; this is an estimate. This tool is very intuitive and easy to use. Below is a step by step breakdown of the Virtual Designer & Estimator in case you have any questions.

Step 1: Enter Your Zip Code

Virtual Amish Shed Builder Weaver Barns of Sugarcreek, Ohio

Our family owned business has years of experience and has built a wonderful network that enables us to serve all of Ohio and Michigan as well as serve select regions of surrounding states including; Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, Pennsylvania. Weaver Barns’ headquarters are located in Sugarcreek, Ohio. Since your pricing is partly based on your build location (zip code) this tool only applies to select customers at the moment. This tool will give pricing for clients in our region.

If your zip code is not being accepted, you have several great options:

  • Call: 330-852-2103
  • Use Our Dealer Locator To Find Our Location Nearest You: Click Here
  • [email protected] (Include: your zip code and structure type you are interested in purchasing)

Step 2: Start Building
Virtual Amish Shed Builder Weaver Barns of Sugarcreek, Ohio

On our way! Click “Start Building”. If you are in the region that matches with the pricing in this estimator, you can now start designing. If your zip code is not accepted feel free to call (330-852-2103) or use one of the above alternative steps.

Step 3: Design Categories

Virtual Amish Shed Builder Weaver Barns of Sugarcreek, Ohio

On the right you will see several drop down menus. These are your design categories, they are pretty self explanatory. Below we we will get into more detail on each category. You can always return here if you are unsure how to change an element on your virtual Amish Country shed.

Step 4: Pick Your Style

Virtual Amish Shed Builder Weaver Barns of Sugarcreek, Ohio

Here you will select the style of shed, barn or small garage model that you will customize. Once you select your style, pick your siding, select your wall height and your roofing type. Customizing and getting an Amish country shed estimate has never been so easy. Plus you can rest easy knowing our experienced craftsmen at Weaver Barns will be constructing it for your space. You will also notice that price estimator will adjust as you select the different options. Want to see all of our structure models? Click Here

Step 5: Select Your Structure Size

Virtual Amish Shed Builder Weaver Barns of Sugarcreek, Ohio

Here you will have a range of sizing options to choose from. The sizing options may vary depending on the model that you chose to design. Also, something to know, our Weaver Barns teams can either build on site or deliver your structure pre-built; but this is a decision for a later date. Some of the factors that may decide the best option are: is your build site easy to access with a fully constructed structure, structure size and other variables. We have some great videos of our team delivering actual customer projects both: Assembled On Site and Pre-Built Structures.

Step 6: Exterior Options

Virtual Amish Shed Builder Weaver Barns of Sugarcreek, Ohio

Now for the easy to use Drag & Drop Feature. Here you can select from a range of window and door styles to help you make the most of your Weaver Barns structure. Click on the wall you want to design, then click on the item you want to appear on that wall. Once the item appears on your structure, you can easily drag and reposition it to the desired position. Each item will also have its own edit button the “pen” beside the item. Click on it and you will see a breakdown of different options. Also, helpful hint: You can turn your virtual Amish country structure 360 degrees so you can edit and view each wall.

Step 7: Color Options

Virtual Amish Shed Builder Weaver Barns of Sugarcreek, Ohio

Now that you have your exterior design elements in place, you can now easily change the color of several elements. Depending on the siding style you selected, you will see select colors available to choose from in the virtual shed builder. You can also choose the color scheme for your trim and roof. Great job! Picture that beautiful structure in your outdoor space. It looks beautiful, but we aren’t done yet!

Step 8: Flooring & Interior Options

Virtual Amish Shed Builder Weaver Barns of Sugarcreek, Ohio

Select the flooring option that match your particular needs. Not sure? No problem at all. This is a first design and our team will go over details if you decide to move forward with the purchase of our structure. If you need an answer today, call: 330-852-2103
You will also have an array of practical options to add to your interior. Choose from a range of shelving options, add a workbench, add a loft or speak with our team to learn more. Our Weaver Barns team has designed and delivered countless Amish crafted structures across the region.

Step 9: Check Your Estimate

Virtual Amish Shed Builder Weaver Barns of Sugarcreek, Ohio

Don’t forget to check your virtual Amish country structure estimate. Your running total is at the top and right of your Weaver Barns structure. This will help you stay on budget! If you decide to move forward on the purchase of your structure, we do offer financing options for qualifying purchases and customers.

Step 10: Email Link or Submit For Quote

Virtual Amish Shed Builder Weaver Barns of Sugarcreek, Ohio

Option #1: Email Link. “You will receive an email with the details of your building as well as a link to return to it at any time. Models and details shown are approximations.”
Save your design so you can reference it later or so you can show other people. You took the time to design this beautiful structure, you might as well receive a copy you can reference in the future.

Virtual Amish Shed Builder Weaver Barns of Sugarcreek, Ohio

Option #2: Submit For Quote. “We will contact you within three (3) business days to confirm your design and options and provide you with a final quote; which may include discounts, promotions, taxes and delivery.”
Submitting your design for an official quote just means that one of our team members will look at your design, apply and special discounts we may have going for that month, as well as applying charges that are specific to your location (delivery, taxes, etc). This will be the actual quote that you would be paying. The estimator in the virtual shed builder, is a close estimate within the information that it has. Once our experienced team member double checks it you will have your final price, which is applicable for a set amount of time.

And that’s it…

Now that you have designed your virtual Amish Country shed and saved or submitted your design; that’s it! If you did submit your design for a final quote, one of our experienced Weaver Barns team members will be in touch within 3 days.

You are on your way adding this wonderfully designed structure to your outdoor space. This quote is free and in no way is a commitment. Our Weaver Barns team will be available to answer your questions.

Alternative Ways To Receive A Quote or Get Other Answers

We have several models not available to be designed in our Virtual Builder tool. If you would like a quote on one of these other structures feel free to use the options below.

Looking for a Quote: Request A Free Quote

Need Answers Today?

Call: 330-852-2103

Email: [email protected]

Just include your zip code and structure type you are interested in purchasing in the email.

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