Nov 02, 2017

Rustic Ravines – Creating An Oasis In The Foothills Of The Allegheny Mountains!

rustic ravines

The entrance to Rustic Ravines in Genoa, West Virginia

It is easy to see why Joe Boffo and his partner Paul Liimatta are so excited about creating Rustic Ravines, a new log cabin resort built this year and located in Genoa, West Virginia.

Rustic Ravines sits in the middle of some of the most gorgeous views you could ever ask for, at the foothills  of the Allegheny Mountain Range. And that is just the beginning!

“This area of West Virginia has the best off-road ATV trails in the world”, says Joe. “There are 50,000 acres of trails, with something for everyone to do.”

And with 300 acres, 11 rentals and 3 venues already in place at Rustic Ravines, they have something for everyone as well!

rustic ravines

The Genoa Cabin built by Weaver Barns, one of 6 current rentals at Rustic Ravines

Whether it is renting ATV’s for a thrilling ride on the trails, enjoying live music, great food, or just some quiet relaxation time – you can find it at Rustic Ravines.

“We started this year building our cabins – and already have 6 rentals in place”, says Boffo. “We completed our welcome center and party barn as well, and even included a great upper floor rental apartment in it for extra living space.”

As for those cabins – when it came time to build, Joe and his partner looked to Weaver Barns.

“We had looked at a few cabins that Weaver had built in Hocking Hills, Ohio and loved them, so we decided it would be a perfect fit here at Rustic Ravines.”

Rustic Ravines

Beautiful accommodations in a rustic setting!

Rustic Ravines features 6 Weaver Barns rental units with more on the way. The Genoa Cabin (pictured), sleeps 5, has a full kitchen and bath and Jacuzzi as well. And the views, well, they are simply spectacular!

I can’t say enough about the crew that Weaver Barns had out here to build these cabins. Their craftsmanship, work ethic and dedication was fabulous – honestly I was in awe of how they worked.”

And as fast as Weaver worked, you have to be impressed with how Joe and his partner Paul are quickly building Rustic Ravines into one of the premier destinations for fun and relaxation.

It is simply stunning to see what they have accomplished in such a short time.

Congratulations and good luck Joe and Paul on your incredible venture!

You can find out more about Rustic Ravines at, or check out their great new video below to see it all in full color!

Everyone asks me when do you think you'll be done Joe? And, I usually say, jokingly: never LOL!!! But actually that's an honest answer…This project will never be done…Rustic Ravines has taken on a life of its' own and will become a destination Resort for people from all over the world to come and enjoy what we love about Wild and Wonderful West Virginia…Much like Southern Ohio is known for people renting cabins in Hocking Hills…South Western West Virginia will be known for people renting cabins in Rustic Ravines….Relaxing, Having Fun, Riding ATV's and Enjoying the majestic beauty of The Allegheny Mountain Range…People also have asked me: "Why here Joe?" And to this I say…Why not here? I think our NEW Rustic Ravines Video says it all…Our NEW website is coming real soon and this video will be embedded in it in a prominent place…Now I can answer the question a little easier…Why here? Ahhhh…Watch this! LOL

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