Take a deep breath, sit back and relax. Can you hear the birds singing and the chirping of the crickets? I wonder where you live, can you hear these sounds and relax or is it busy with the hustle and bustle of people going here and there. If you are in need of a relaxing time away from all of that, I would invite you to visit Amish Country in Holmes County, Ohio. I’m sure most people have heard of the Amish, maybe visited Amish Country or possibly just know of them from how they are portrayed on television shows. It really is a beautiful place to visit, amazing views of farmland and rolling hills.

Holmes County is a great vacation destination if you are looking for a getaway whether it is for a week, week-end or even just a day. There are so many things to see, do and EAT! Please, can we just take a minute and savor the food you will enjoy. Homemade creamy mashed potatoes, fried chicken, butter noodles, just to name a few, and that is just the main meal. Then you have the bakery items. Homemade breads, rolls, donuts, cookies and mouthwatering pies. You also need to try the homemade peanut butter and apple butter. Delightful!

Some people make the trek to Amish country to stock up on the different options of deli meats, bologna, cheese and lots of bulk food items. If you are looking for more than just food on your visit, there are numerous craft stores in the area and if you make it when the weather is nice you may see Amish out selling baskets, quilts or other homemade gifts or get a ride in a horse drawn buggy.

The Amish are also exceptional craftsmen. Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor furniture, maybe a barn or storage shed, someone to build a home or most any hand crafted solid wood item you would like. The women make beautiful quilts and clothing for their families. They stay busy in the summers with large gardens and lots of canning for winter.

I really do hope that you take time to visit Amish Country. If you don’t come for the food, the craft stores or even the craftsmanship come just to enjoy the serenity the area offers. Stay in a cozy bed and breakfast tucked away and where no one will bother you. Leave the technology behind for a day and get back to how things used to be. I hope to see you soon!